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Our climate initiatives

First things first

We reached out to Inuk, the climate specialists, in order to implement comprehensive and concrete actions aiming to minimize our environmental impact in an efficient way.

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Compensate you carbon emissions

With Worldia and Inuk

Whether it is to define the carbon emissions induced by the trips we sell, or other emissions we generate as a company, we all have our part to play for the climate. That is why, at Worldia, we are working with Inuk to set in motion a carbon contribution strategy along with other actions yet to come.

Our goal with Inuk

Spread awareness on the carbon emissions involved in a trip and suggest an inclusive solution. This process consists of funding projects specialized in carbon reduction or sequestration.


First we measure
our carbon emissions...



...then we find solutions to reduce them to the maximum...



...finally, we contribute to carbon neutrality for our residual emissions.
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Carbon contribution, how does it work?

- You finance local projects
- You are certain of the measurability of the emissions avoided by your contribution
- You have access to an impeccable traceability of our carbon credits thanks to the blockchain
- You have the possibility to choose the projects you wish to support through funding

Fund the project of your choice!