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The next generation connected-trip operator

We empower any travel distributor to offer unique custom trips and stand out on the travel scene

Our Travel Studio, a plug & play
solution powered by 3 hubs


Tech Hub

White-label transactional
travel planner

  • Worldwide API connectivities

  • 30+ customizable features

  • Real time prices, availabilities
    & quote creation


Content Hub

Curated product portfolio
and sourcing

  • 800,000+ products in
    80+ destinations

  • A top selection of 16,000 hotels, 4,200 activities and 1,000+ inspirational templates


Service Hub

Trip fulfillment and
on-demand support

  • Tour-operator responsibility

  • 24/7 on-site assistance

  • Destination advisory & support

How it works?

Start creating and customizing quality trips from A to Z all over the world in the blink of an eye

1. Get inspired

Log into the platform to find what best fits your traveler's needs

3. Build

Customize a ready made itinerary or create a new one from scratch using our product library

5. Prepare

Receive traveler's guide book with all the information and advice for traveler's upcoming trip

2. Search

Identify the best country and itineraries to suggest a destination

4. Book

Instantly generate an updated quote with real time prices and validate the booking

6. Relax

Be confident during your traveler's trip, we will take care of everything!

See how you can use our solution
to achieve your goals


Travel agents & Network directors

Reduce time to market, keep up with digitalisation and get inspired


E-commerce & Media specialists

Enable a plug & play travel offer, boost your performance and earn incremental revenues



Offer an end-to-end booking experience including all our travel services & your inventory

Looking for a marketing or media

Eager to have your own platform? 
Start building to better understand how it works or request a meeting

Over 3,500 agencies & travel distributors trust us



"Worldia's team is very attentive, reacts quickly and fits our needs. It's a pleasure to work with them!"

Olivia Nicolle de Vandeul - Account Manager 

"Worldia is a key partner for us: smart tools, an easy to use platform and an astounding ability to solve every problem"

Vincent Denizot -  Retail Distribution Director

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A brief history
of Worldia

The adventure begins in 2013 with 4 travel lovers: Grégoire, Erwan, Christian & David.
Now, Worldia gathers a unique combination of more than 130 Worldians, tech & travel experts, working in 2 offices : Paris & Berlin.



Our mission: keyword turn any keyword1 travel experience into milan an incredible hero@1x journey.

Our values


Be resourceful
and go beyond borders

Our values


Keep cool
and enjoy the ride

Our values


Show consistency
and behave with honesty